Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ist week at the gallery

I watched my cousin Diego last week while Michelle went to the Laker Parade. He had a blast coloring and dancing around the gallery. He it not wearing a shirt because he spilled strawberry soda on himself and no shoes because the ones I picked up for him didn't fit. But does it look like he cared?

Last week was my first full week sitting the gallery. Thank God I wasn't alone in there! My friends stopped by from time to time to hang out and paint and I even got to meet gallery owners from the area.

Steve from Blue Core Gallery came in and welcomed me graciously. I haven't gotten a chance to visit his gallery but that is definitely on my agenda for this week.

I met Hugo Jarmaillo who is working on the Edison building. The work/live units look gorgeous! Complete with recycled flooring and energy-effecient everything! As soon as you walk into one of his units you feel the cool air, even if its 2 in the afternoon. Wonderful work on those units he's been working on for the past 3 years!

I also met Pomona artist Thomas Stubbs. I've always seen his work around the various galleries. Finally I got to put a face to the artwork.

Hopefully this week is as eventful as last!

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